Classical Pilates in Ramat Hasharon

Pilates House is the first studio in Israel to be a part of the global network of Romana's Pilates. The studio is equipped with classical equipment, built by the original manufacturer Joseph Pilates worked with in the USA.

The instructors in the studio teach according to the classical method, focusing on precision and flow, while maintaining maximum safety for the client and adjusting the exercises to each body type. 

Privates, Duets and Group classes

The studio offers a variety of classes:

  • Private classes, one on one. The most effective and recommended option.
  • Duets, two clients with one instructor.
  • Small group classes, maximum of 5 people in a class. Classes are leveled - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Romana's Pilates Teacher Training Program

Romana's Pilates is an international teacher training school, one of the best and most prestigious in the world

Yahel Herzog, the studio owner, is a level IV Romana's Pilates teacher trainer, and manages the training program in Ramat Hasharon

The training includes seminars and workshops, taught by leveled instructors that come from all over the world to share their knowledge with the new generation of Romana's Pilates instructors


20 Lohamei Hagetaot St. Ramat Hasharon, Israel


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